hi all have this problem wonder if anyone could shed any light on it,

my panasonic head unit keeps fizzing through the speakers but sub is uneffected, it starts gradually but then gets worse fast, its like speaker wires are touching?
i was sat in traffic today so while stationary i turn the steering wheel while the fizzing was happening, either way i turned the wheel stopped the noise, left it still and it comes back?

have checked all wires even changed the stereo to loom adapetr but it remains, if i pop the front off and replace it it stops but within minutes its back,

one thing i did think maybe its my amp?
but when i moved the rf cable around it earthed to the amp case and all was fine, when i leave the rf cable alone its there but all this time the amp sounds fine and is uneffected by the noise...
i think its the stereo as i had no probs with the dvd head unit i removed?

(dvd head unit was removed due to the loss of output to monitor? not sure what caused that either but in messing around with that too i blew the ignition fuse) may try the dvd 2moro see if its working again,

i'm going crazy with out tunes lol