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Thread: Astra Van G No Main Beam

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    Astra Van G No Main Beam

    Ok got no main beam at all dip had a lamp gone so changed it and dipped is now working fine.

    But main beam i have nothing no blue light on the dash either, both lamps are fine checked them with a meter no voltage to the lamps then stalk is in the on position.

    Any1 know what number fuse/fuses and relay controls main beam i have no hand book so dont even know which fuse to check


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    fuse diagram is stickied at the top of the elec forum

    may be a problem with the stalk itself - quite a common problem and can cause a multitude of faults

    probably just the relay tho - grab one of the other relays and pop it in the main beam location

    diagram for fuse/relays in the sticky as mentioned before

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