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Thread: Are 10 month bonus accelerators worth it?

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    Are 10 month bonus accelerators worth it?

    "If something seems too good to be true, it probably is"

    That's the saying, which makes me very cautious about these 10 month accelerators.

    Doing quotes so i can see how far i'm going to get bent over next year & the 10 month accelerator cuts the cost down a lot, BUT, i don't want to go buying in to the 10 month setup if there's small print i'm not aware of.

    Would the NCD's be tied to that company for e.g.? (I was getting the quotes through Admiral).

    Should i stick to the 12 month or is the 10 month really as good as it sounds?

    EDIT: Apologies for all the insurance questions lately, but most of you will know what the crack is as to my cars damage etc & i've never had to look into this before, so don't know.

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    I did a 10 month accelerator on a TPFT policy when I was 16 and insuring a car to sit on my drive solely to accrue my 1st years NCB.

    never had a problem using the NCB with another insurer.

    can't help with anything else though, as literally I didn't use the car so didn't use the insurance other than just paying the £22 a month to earn a discount off my insurance once I finally hit the road myself
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