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    Exclamation help needed

    will an w reg 1.4 16 valve full exhaust go on my 1.6 astra 16v 51 reg. please reply as im going to pick up it today and dont wont be dissapointed,

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    ony the cat-back element will fit

    ie. centre section and rear section

    W reg 1.4 will be the early X14XE and your model is the Z16XE

    the difference being the X or Z at the front of the engine code

    X engines have the catalytic convertor underneath the engine on the front pipe

    Z engines have the cat built into the manifold

    Depends what components from the 1.4 you are collecting, if its the whole lot then no it wont fit straight off

    your best bet would be just to use the centre section and rear section

    if your front pipe is damaged in some way then a standard replacement can be had for about £40 new.

    Is the system in question a performance one? stainless for instance?

    any link to the item or more details on it so can be more precise with my reply ??

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