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Thread: mk4 Speedo C20LET engine

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    mk4 Speedo C20LET engine

    Hi guys. Does anyone have any suggestions why my speedo is not working?

    1999 model Astra Mk4 with a C20LET engine conversion. I've got 160 mph clocks in, got told it was the passenger side front hub so replaced that and still not working.. Any ideas?

    It used to have the mk2 digidash in, but I've rewired it to the mk4 clocks. The thing that puzzles me is, the mk2 clocks where all wired to this one black wire which went to the gearbox, and the clocks are now wired to the mk4 original loom. I don't see how its gunna work as the car does not have a Mk4 ECU (i know my temp gauge won't work thats why i've got an after market one). Revs and fuel work.. but no speedo...

    Can anyone think of what else it could be?

    Cheers in advance

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    Has/did your car have ABS?
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