hi all.. ive joined this sight to try and save someone who as the same fault as mine alot of money..

i brought a diesel 1.9cdti sri 120 on a 55 plate a year ago..had full service done about 2mths ago as the car as done 86000mls.
About 2wks ago my battery light came on after about 5mls of driving, switched engine off as know sometimes they play up and again after 3mins of driving the red battery light came on again.. 1st thought was alternator as battery went flat..
charged battery and took car to my local vauxhall dealer, light now didnt come on until about 10mins of driving. couldnt understand this!!
they tested alternator, 11.4 reading so told me i needed a new alternator. couldnt explain to me why the light would take longer to come on when battery got more charge tho..
I got a mechanic friend to put on new alternator to save me money,paid £270 as vauxhall said could cost up to £500..
new alternator, charged battery and 10mins later battery light come on again. back to vauxhall, 11.4 reading and yep said it was duff new alternator.. had to basically tell them to test electrics as advice from mechanic friend. within an hour on diagnostics with vauxhall they told me it was my ecu.. they sent away to get repaired, no luck.. i now have to pay £1100 for new ecu plus the £270 for new alternator that i didnt need...
id like to know if anybody as had this problem and does it sound right as to me that is a very expensive red light? sorry to be long winded...