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Thread: 1.7TD VX Engine EGR Clean?

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    Question 1.7TD VX Engine EGR Clean?

    Has anyone ever cleaned the EGR out on a 1.7TD VX engine? Could do with a rough guide to whats involved.

    Looks like the exhaust manifold needs removing, it this right?
    Any real benefits?

    Having just solved the crank sensor, want to pre-empt any future failures with a bit of saturday afternoon maintenance.

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    Hi Rich,

    If that really is the X17DTL I can't see why the exhaust manifold needs removing at all.

    The EGR valve is in a similar position to the MK3 X17DTL. Just unclamp it, remove it and clean with carb cleaner or similar stuff. One fellow said he got heaps more crap out of it by soaking for a time in petrol.

    On mine I could see lots of sooty junk in the intake manifold so one day it would be good to remove that and clean it out thoroughly. Although its a bit of extra work on the X17DTL as the turbo has to be removed just to remove the intake manifold.

    Cheers, Paul

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