I have a V reg 1999 astra 1.7 turbo. and was changing the timing belt and hit a little problem.
I lined up a mark on the cam shaft with a grove on the rear timing belt cover the mark is at 12 Oclock, I also lined up a mark in the crank ( the bottom bit where the alternator belt attaches) this has a grove on the rotor and this lines up with a notch on the side of the sump pan. Is this the correct markings? What seems to have happened is that the injector pump has moved slightly and as a result the engine is not running quite right. I would like to confirm that the cam and crank timing marks i have mentioned are the right ones also is there any easy way to set the injector pump timing other than try it and move it a tooth at a time until its right. I need to get this done as its my only mode of transport