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Thread: 2001 astra 2.2 sri engine queries

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    2001 astra 2.2 sri engine queries

    Good morning, ive an astra 2.2 sri 2001
    sometimes when i start the car in the morning my car sounds just like a deisel for a few minutes, any ideas and how?? ive been told to drain my oil replace with fully synthetic deisel oil 0-30 drive for 2wks then drain and fill with 10-40w + new filter.
    the only other problem is when pulling away or reversing the car makes a noise on or near the engine on the n/s almost like a dry joint or something but it only lasts afew seconds.
    i travel afew miles so would like to sort these problems before something expensive happends..
    Thanks for your time. simon

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    Hi, and welcome to the club!

    Well I am not 100% sure, but I am sure someone more knowledgeable will put me right, but....

    Could it be the timing chain??

    Have you had the timing chain replaced? There was a field defect on the pre 02/52 models, where by there was not enough oil getting onto the timing chain, and as a consequence they occasionally snapped.

    Obviously this sounds mega bad, but I would wait for someone else one confirm or deny it. Or trying having a search for timing chain threads, there are plenty.

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