Hi as you can see I am new here as I have just bought an Astra H, but came with some faults.

The car is a non-starter and the battery was dud, replaced the battery yesturday and the electronics work fine now.

I have op-com and have made a .rar with all the live data from my car.



Has a couple ABS faults, Airbag faults, and so on but nothing that would make the car not start.

Ii have googled and read over 3 different forums and have a few hints but nothing deffinate. The picture below shows the lighta on my dash at key position 2.

The car turns over but does not start, as though there is no diesal to ignite. If you look at the engine live data my common rail fuel pressure only goes to 9MPa and should be 24MPa.

If anyone has any hints to what may be the problem or any tips for me to progress and try it would be great.

Again hello and hopefuly with your help I can get the Astra working.