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Thread: Electrical Light(Car with Spanner)

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    Electrical Light(Car with Spanner)

    Hey ive already posted this in another section of the forum and got some useful help, just after some more please.

    Recently i have been having trouble with my Astra 2003 1.6 8v. I was driving along and all of a sudden one of the Engine Management Lights came on, the one with the Spanner going through the Car. and everytime this light is on there has been a major lack of acceleration.(the light doesnt always come on, seems as if it only comes on once the car has heated up)

    I looked it up in the manual and read that the car would be in 'Limp-Mode', which i imagine just means the car will have enough power to get you home.

    I took it to a garage that i know, the mechanic used to work for Vauxhall, who has worked on my car since ive had it. he plugged it into the Reader and it came up with 3 faults.

    • Throttle Pedal (Cheapest option at around £70)
    • Throttle Body (+250)
    • ECU (£650+, £100 for Vaux to Program it)

    He took it to Vaux, where he still has mates working, they couldnt explain anymore than what he already has.

    So we went ahead which the cheapest option first in hope this would solve the issue, it didnt. so he searched for a throttle body and that didnt work either, so now im in a situation where i could be forking out alot of money for a new ECU.

    Basically i was seeing if anyone has come across this problem before, and if so, how was it resovled?

    In the other section i got suggestions of air flow meter, which my car doesnt have, also to buy a second hand one but that would mean needing all the security codes from the previous car its come off.

    Thanks for your time.

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    I have that light on just now and am struggling to resolve it. But a previous problem I had, I was in the same situation, it was either the fuel pump relay, fuel pump, or ECU.

    They tested the first two with no luck so instead of getting a new ECU it was recommended I sent mine away to be tested. They charge you for testing which is about £40 (remember they might come back and say it's fine), but still obviously a more sensible option than just buying a new one. They tested mine and found a fault. What they did was repair it and sent it back at a cost of £250 plus vat plus postage = total £304, and it was back within a week.

    Place I used was: These guys.
    There's a few of these companies about but I highly recommend the one I used.

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    There's no need to start another thread in a differect section so i'm locking this
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