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Thread: Help for newbie installation

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    Red face Help for newbie installation

    Hi Guys,

    I finally got around to installing my front Alpine component speakers in my Astra H, but I'm experiencing a few issues which I maybe someone here can help me with.

    I rewired the original speaker cable to the crossover unit and ran a couple of cables out to the Alpine main speaker and tweeter. (the old tweeter cable is now not connected to anything). I'm guessing this is the correct thing to do since that cable provides a full range signal?

    However, I'm a little concerned with the amount of distortions at higher volumes. Basically the bass cracks up quite a bit more that the OEM speakers previously. The sound is much clearer at lower levels, but I guess I was expecting it to better handle low range sounds better at louder volumes. Am I expecting too much? Do I need a bass woofer/amp to do this properly?

    Secondly, I have had some difficulty getting the door cards back on due to all the plastic clips breaking. Does anyone know where I can get more, especially the ones around the tweeter. The ones from Halfords are not the right size it seems...

    Finally, I'm using the standard wiring to the head unit. How difficult is it to replace the standard wiring... and does it go to the cambus connection or direct to the head unit? (I have an Alpine unit which has component inputs). How would I feed it through?

    Any help or pointers gratefully received...this is my first install

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    Firstly you have wired the speakers up correctly, I do think you were expecting to much though. You don't say if you have amped the speakers though

    All the plastic clips can be got from vaxhall, they are literally pence each so when you get the chance go there

    Speaker wires don't go through any canbus connection and if they are just running from the headunit there's no need to replace the wiring
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