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Thread: steering problems

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    Unhappy steering problems

    i have a 2010 estate with 15 inch wheels all are original contis . car has done 9000 miles steering has pulled to the left from new apart from hard acceration when it then pulls to the right . tracking has been done 3 times at different garages last time the steering wheel was misalined to the left quite alot and this time about the same to the right . is it worth while removing the steering wheel and refit so it is central or not ?, wheels have been moved left to right and front to rear .

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    best thing to do is get your wheels balanced checked under the car for any bent drive shafts or struts.

    Never take the steering wheel off and refit it straight. the steering wheel will always be straightened up buy the tracking (aka so the people aren't doing it right).

    but if the tracking is posing some problems it could be because of a bent drive shaft.

    other than that the sterring should be straight on and as normal on all british cars the car should pull to the left ever so slightly.


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