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Thread: How to gain more power

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    How to gain more power

    Looked at different threads on here and got a general idea on what people have done to get more power. I have a 2004 1.7 cdti Astra H 100bhp. Im after about the same power as a 1.9 Astra 150 but im not far off being 19 so insurance is an issue lol!
    What can I do to get it to this, read that boxes more than likely damage the engine so would ideally be after remap. But what else can I do to gain this extra power as I think the boxes or remaps gain about 30 bhp as average? Thanks

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    cant help with mods i have a 1.9cdti and use a green tuning box no problems wht so ever and got 202bhp

    but if u cant afford to insure a 1.9 u do know it will probs cost same if not more if you tune yours up as its a modded car for power
    astra cdti 202bhp 323 lb-ft torque 45mpg
    audi tt 180bhp and no lb-ft torque lol

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