hey guys

i have a 1.4 16v astra g (2000 reg) had the problem with hesitation/juddering when accelerating out of a corner or off a roundabout no engine light on so started the usual tricks, cleaned the throttle housing, cleaned the EGR and a few other little things... i borrowed my bro in laws diag code reader to double check the ecu for codes but of course on the pre 2000 astra's it dont work

then my old man just happened to be cleaning out his shed and found a bottle of what looked like fairly strong and expensive injector cleaner... the bottle should have been added to about 20 litres of fuel... i added it to about 11 and forgot all about it... a couple of days later... i realised that the problem seemed to have disappeared and i cant think of anything other then this cleaner that could have fixed it, me and my bro in law agree... we've never known injector cleaner to make much noticeable difference. Since then it has done it 3 or 4 times but its been much better

a mate of mine has an 2002 1.6 16v astra (where the code reader does work) with the same problem... its displaying fault codes for oxygen sensor "too lean/rich" and "misfires"

i think that these engines seem to have a problem with sticky injectors... injector cleaner seem to have solve my problem for now any opinions ?
im trying to decide is it worth me taking them out and cleaning them or even replacing them (on both cars)
and what is the best way to clean them

any help is greatly appreciated