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Thread: Astra Mk4 Juddering PLEASE HELP

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    Exclamation Astra Mk4 Juddering PLEASE HELP

    i was wondering if anyone could give me any ideas on what is wrong with my astra.
    it is an astra mk4
    1.4 ls petrol
    2000 x reg

    recently i went on a long trip and filled my tank and used injector cleaner

    about a month after this the car has started to kind of judder after 2000 revs when accelerationg causing a loss of power. it does not do it all of the time but it does it most of the time

    i was thinking maybe it could be either the spark plugs or maybe the injectors??

    was just wondering if anyone else has had this probem or if anyone has any ideas of what it is

    any help will be greatly appreciated

    many thanks

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    it could be one if your coil packs breaking down?

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    i have a ,mk4 1.4 ls 16v ecotec(x14xe)

    i have had this issue for ages

    real lack of power at low revs,feels like something is just holding it back,infact on hills at lights it almost cant set off.
    its fine when cold,it only happens when car gets warm

    i have changed
    lambda sensor
    idle air control valve
    cleaned EGR(best i can)
    cleaned throttle body(best i can)

    only thing i can see is my throttle cable has alot of play in it,ordered a new one due today so will try that out.

    it seems like the revs are too low.

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