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Thread: 5dr 1.3 6sp any good? what bumpers fit also

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    5dr 1.3 6sp any good? what bumpers fit also

    im looking to get the wife a mk5 5dr astra, got my eye on a 1.3 6sp diesel.
    i drove a mk5 van with same engine/box and it was pretty nippy although seemed to have a bit lag lol.

    main thing im wanting to know what bumpers or kit can i fit to make it look nice as it looks sh!te as it is.

    By heds28 at 2010-09-05

    cheers guys

    p.s. anyone know what colour this is?

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    Not too sure on the colour.

    Any bumper from any 5 door Facelift, as in 2007 onwards, will fit onto that. A bumper from a VXR will fit, although a bit more work is required to make it fit, as in slam panel, grill, think maybe headlights have to be replaced as well to make it fit.

    You can add any bodykit to it you like, the most popular one is the XP kit which comes on SRi spec cars.
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