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Thread: Shuddering at speed

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    Shuddering at speed

    I got my wheel tracking done last weekend and since then I've noticed a severe shudder when driving from above 60 mph, especially when turning the wheel even gradually to the right. I'm planning to take it back to the garage that did it tomorrow morning but before i do, is it likely to have been tracked incorrectly or could something else be at fault? I also notice that the steering wheel no longe sits straight when the wheels are pointed straight ahead, again having changed since the tracking was done.

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    oright mate

    yeah i had the same....exactly..i had a track rod end needing doing..seems the garage diddnt set the steering wheel central..i ignore it now but it did my head in for ages!

    Anyways..for me i found it was a my passenger disc that was off..the breaks had a spot that was higher than the rest of the disc and was shuddering like hell on corners and at speed!

    got my mate at quick 5hit to sort it and its all fine!

    but im a bit of a hobby dont take my word for it!

    good luck dude!
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    Spigot rings on the wheels? As in the wheel could be slightly off center?

    Wheels need to be balanced?
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