Are they really what they seem?

I've had a real mare sorting insurance for my Mk 2 SXi. Mainly because I have too many cars and only one policy with NCB (12 yrs+). This hasn't been a problem before because I had a classic policy that covered three other cars for the extortionate sum of £130 with Footman James. Agreed values on all three and unlimited mileage.

However, the Mk2 Astra isn't seen as a classic marque yet and as it's not yet 20 years old, most classic insurance companies don't see it as a classic by its age yet. (Next year might well be very different though).

So, to insure it I've been looking at prices of £6-700. This made it not a viable option to keep it. Now I know this is a lot less than some guys here are paying, but bearing in mind I'm 32 with full NCB and no points, accidents, convictions etc it is a hell of a lot. Especially when a 3.0 24v Carlton was costing less than £250.

So I started to look into multi car policies. It seems that they don't do it as you might think, but run seperate quotes and add them together to give you one price. This means that when trying to insure my second car I was still being treated like a 17 yr old with no experience.

Finally managed to find a company who will insure the Astra, or the Carlton, as a Classic. Diamond Insurance came up trumps and could do either for £220 - £250, depending on mileage. Happy days. It's just a PITA that I've now got three policies to insure them all and I'm sure I'll get caught out somewhere along the line

Finally, a thought for the day - Why won't insurance companies recognise NCB on other policies when they will recognise claims from other policies? Stinks of double standards IMHO