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Thread: Astravan mod advice?

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    Astravan mod advice?

    Right so here is my 2005 Astravan 1.7 CDTI standard:

    So what to do to it next?

    I haven't checked if it is a 4 stud or 5 stud yet but I have a set of 5 Stud 17" Sporthatch SRI wheels in the garage which will be on if they fit.
    Can you tell from the style?:

    If they are 4 stud then I am going to get some new wheels rather than convert to 5 stud. I am thinking some 5 spokes like Speedline Alessio 2, Team Dynamics Pro Race 3 or Rota Slipstream. The main question is Black or White??

    I think it may also need dropping 40mm or so to go with any new wheels!

    Headlights maybe the darker GSI version, Angel eye projectors or even the Audi style lights with LED's?

    Either blacking out the standard grill or getting at debadged version.

    Blacking out the rear window and tinting the side windows.

    Colour coding the rear bumper and side strips.

    Carpeting the ply lining and fitting some ICE.

    Sound like a plan? Any advice on my plans?

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    its a 4 stud on those 14inch rims mate! your plans sound good, but id do a 5 stud conversiuon on it while your there if you have a set of 5 stud rims, will look good when done and fairly simple!
    1.6 8 valve, 5 door, soon to be a 5 studded let with crusty arches

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