hi all wonder if you can help me with this, just to let you know, i have a

-1.6 16v T-reg astra mk4 SXi

im planning on fittin a C20XE engine into it ( yes i have seen all the how too guides and i think there awesome, and i will defo be using them) just i have one problem.

iv bought the engine, complete with loom ECU, manifold, but for some reason i have the F16 gear box fitted ( im lookin for a F20 so i can mod the engine without worrying about anything exploding ) but i have no drive shafts, and i have NO IDEA what will fit,
now if i decided to keep the F16 box what car should i get the drive shafts from, will the mk3 ones fit in to the mk4 chassy? will i have to get them off a GSi mk4? i seriously have no idea and i cant afford to do the trail and error method,
same question for if i do get the F20...

please help guys this is the one thing thats stop me in my tracks for months, and i just cant seem to find anything on any forum to help me with this

thanks, Ian