Here was my astra sitting next to my mates

And then some little fecks keyed it accross the tailgate and really badly up the quarter panel. However CCTV and a little bit of intimidation and i more than enough cash handed to me to repair the damage. But then i got thinking, why not add a bit too it and change the colour?

Day 1:
Start Removing wrap from roof and front bumper along with mirrors, side reps and door panels

Day 2:
Remove Bumpers, Lights, etcetc, Anything that came off easily was stripped:

Day 3:
Remove Doors, (nightmare of a job) then prep door checks and slam panel etc:

And then buy the paint:

Can anyone guess the colour?

Door checks and slam panel are going to get painted in the morning then going to rehang doors etc and start prepping the body.