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Thread: brake lines

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    brake lines

    Just wondering what size brake lines are on a 1.6 twinport mk4.

    I've decided i'm taking the car of the road and gettin it all cleaned up ready for next year as i can't afford 2 insurances .

    Also what brake fluid can i use? I'm changing the rear drums to disc and got braided hoses going on aswell. Also getting vented and drilled brakes if this makes a difference

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    what exactly do u mean by "what size brake lines"

    do you mean braided hoses in place of rubber hoses?

    if so then the screw end is M10x1mm and the banjo end is M10

    the solid brake lines use a combination of M10 and M12 male and female connectors and couplings.

    If you want to make a difference then ditch the shitty 256mm front discs and replace with 280mm setup using calipers, carriers, discs, pads and steering knuckles using parts from a 5 stud mk4 but retain ur old 4 stud hubs but use new mk5 4 stud 280 discs

    dont waste ur money on uprated discs for the 256mm setup

    regular dot4 fluid will be more than enough for your application

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