Brief history:

my dad ate shit & smoked a lot & whether it did or did not contribute, he ended up having a heart attack at 46/47 in 1990.

Came home, smoked all his remaining fags, then quit & sorted his eating somewhat.

"apparently" statistically, they say you're going good if you don't have another one within 10 years. Lo & behold, 10 years later, he has his second & most damaging one.

From this he started blacking out & collapsing. Short of it is, he had a defib fitted.

Came home, took up the gym which he's stuck at since, and sorted his eating even more.

The defib got changed 2 years ago & hadn't kicked in in all that time.

Last Aug, it kicks in, but he doesn't notice it. Only when the hospital asked what happened on such & such date as it logs it.

Gets taken to hospital this March with pneumonia & it (the defib) shocks him, this time he knows about it.

Shocks him again on his birthday - 14th Aug & then shocked him again today.

They're coming more frequent now. He's also a straight talking guy & has been talking of "coming to terms with it" and that his "heart is packing in now".

Naturally, my mother, brother, sister & I are very worried.

Trying to google info on these things.

I know it'll vary with each case, but for those of you who may know someone with one, how long have they had it? How often does it shock them? Unfortunately if that person died, was it heart related or did other organs start to pack in also? (apologies if that's a question too far for you). If this happened, how long after the shocks began did this happen?

All i seem to find is chit chat on things like yahoo Q&A which is a waste of time imo.