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Thread: frontera 4x4rs 2.2 petrol

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    frontera 4x4rs 2.2 petrol

    anyone had any experience with one? just been offered one as a swap for my astra, heres the spec
    frontera sport RS 4x4 quick jeep eco tec

    RS model!!
    5 speed manual
    91000 miles
    2.2 16v ecotec
    only bad bit is bit of rust on the leading edge of the bonnet other than that NO FAULTS!
    electric windows
    electric mirrors
    remote central locking
    heated mirrors
    driver and passenger air bags
    tinted windows (legal)
    16 inch alloy wheels
    side steps
    front spots factory fit so come on with high beam
    front fogs
    nudge bar
    rear roll bar for when the roof is of
    sport seats
    3 rear seat belts which is very rare for a short wheel base model
    has a crotch cooler for keeping the gentleman's area/lady garden cool
    new fuel pipes and filter
    recent cambelt change
    auto locking hubs
    high and low range transfer box
    very nice truck with good off road capability's
    with it being the sport rs its the top of the line model
    removable hard top
    twin removable sunroofs
    twin roof bars
    tax till dec
    mot till may 2011

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    i used to have one, they look very nice, , there very comfy, mine had 96.000 miles on it when i got rid, because id heard they were not too good after 100k,

    fuel consumpion is awaful
    tyres cost the earth(wouldnt reccomend cheap ones the side walls were too bouncy on a cheap tyre i had put on)
    interior albeit comfortable, is a drab grey, unless your lucky to get leather or half leather
    make sure you check the speedo as they had a 75% fail rate, this is what vx told me, so it could have been replace, so check service history with a fine toothed combe
    there not very fast eitherm in my opion its a small engine for a big car

    there is an rs sport 3.2 swb but there as rare as hens teeth

    i had a 2001 rs sport 2.2 as my first car, even with all the stuff listed above, id still have another any day, id just get the olimpia spec, fully colour coded and with leather

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