Hi folks, been a while since i posted anything here, mainly because i've not been having any problems...until now!!

My car is a 1998 Mk4 X18XE1 1.8 16v and the other day the EML came on. i read the code and it said the above. I even got the RAC out and they confirmed it. Thing is, it comes and goes. By the time the RAC came out the EML had gone off again and the car was running perfectly again, so they put it down to a one-off.

However, its coming back on on every longish journey - say over 5-10miles. When's it's off, the car runs perfectly, but as soon as it comes on it runs horribly - no power, runs rough at idle, and sounds generally poorly.

Surely though if this was a permanent problem then it would be running poorly all the time?

Any ideas gurus?!