Right well here it is

First car i had was a mk4 Astra 1.6 8v LS in Mirage lovely car but had some problems then march of this year i bought a saxo vtr then got bored of it and wanted another astra so i started to do insuance quotes and they wer coming out good on 1.8s and stuff like that so i did a gsi and was pleased with 1400 so set about looking for one. then i found a nice one for 4850 with built in satnav, it as on 88k but thats why it wasa bit cheaper than the others so i had a look and bought it it had a powerflow backbox and some chrome boost pipes

lush car couldnt be happier then 6 days after buying it a transit goes int othe side of me pulling off a roundabout caving the side in. then 4 hours later i get reversed into in mcdz car park. so vauxhall have had it the last 3 weeks doing an apsolute shite job on it. but finally its back in an ok ish acceptable condition. heres it is