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Thread: thorney affect warranty?

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    thorney affect warranty?

    some of you may know, bought an insignia from vauxhall dealer, it already had a trip to thorney for stage 1 power upgrade, and this hasnt affected the vauxhall warranty. now ive been looking at thorney and im possibly thinking of sending it there for stage 1 and 2 handling upgrades (Eibach Lowering Springs & TMS Fast Road Geometry Setup). as it would be me sending it to thorney rather than vauxhall themselves, do you think my warranty will be affected?

    also stage 1 is £149 (geometry setup) and stage 2 is £149 (lowering springs), does anybody know if this is + labour, and +vat?
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    Speak to Thorney.... he will give you warranty, and as an approved vauxhall place, can I think* cover your normal warranty claims.

    ....but you're obviously not gonna be covered for shocks (suspension) if you put lowering springs on....

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