hi all, first time poster!

i have installed a pc in my astra vav. i have bought something that allows me to connect the steering wheel controls via usb so im able to control volume tracks etc more easily than using the touch screen. i had originally threaded the wires through the back of the steering column but found after a couple of 3 point turns that the wires snagged and split. the van didnt come with the ability to control the head unit via the steering wheel but i have upgraded the steering wheel with the controls.

what id like to know is which of the wires in my steering wheel ribbon are in use in my van. what id like to do is connect my wires via the ribbon that are not in use.

this is the control until thats behind the steering wheel

here is the ribbon with the steering wheel controls clip plugged in (you may see that i have already broken a ribbon in my attempts to resolve my problem)

this is the new steering wheel with the old connection switched over (think this controls the horn)

this is the steerng wheel controlls connection (with cut wires) positioned next to the old connection.

please let me know if you require any more info and thanks for reading.