Right guys I had the front brake lines chaged a couple of weeks ago as they were coroded and faild the mot. The lines were changed along with the rubber hose that conects on to the actual caliper (drivers side only) as it turned out this had become blocked/colapsed and was stoping the brake system from bleading. All work done the car passed the mot and everything was fine and working properly as i found out by nearly putting myself through the wind screan after braking for an ideot pulling out on me. However i noticed last night that the brakes were not as sharp as normal so I tryed slamming on them and no abs!!! I also noticed that the traction controll was not kicking in again I gave it some stick coming out of a junction and the wheels spun like mad (not normal behavure by the way) and no t/c. Could this be linked? any ideas on what this could be?