Buky the astra van! c20xe etc....

heres my van... i bought just over year ago as a run around, for £350 on the bay. with a dead pump... yeah i know i got fingered....

anyway, after it sitting there for 4 months, i bought a sri ecowrec astra.. which i got ***** for.. and the headgasket was gone...

so i bought a 43k engine of ebay... and that turned out to be a 1800! arrrrgggghhh.. can you see where this is going?

anyway, i decided i wanted to go for it, and planned to repair the ecotecs and go that route. until i went to deepest wales for some snowflakes, and got given a XE!!! so heres the story in pictures! sorry if i have bored ya!

the van, as purchased-

derv removed:

5 studded-

60mm drop and braided lines

the free xe

all lowered down-

tinted rear lights

xe in

prep for paint:

satin black roof

glittery bonnet! lol