Hey all. My name is Eric. I'm obviously new here and loving the... um... love for these cars.

In any case im looking to purchase a MK5 otherwise known as a 2008 Saturn Astra XR 3dr here in the USA. It has a 1.8l motor producing only 138hp. I love the look, and ride of this car but am having a really hard time justifying the purchase of a 138hp motor.

What im wondering is if anyone here knows anything about this car and motor and might be able to help me locate some performance upgrades to make this car a little more fun. Im not huge on modifying the look of the car, more performance than anything. Ive been able to find intakes and some lowering springs but for this motor trying to find anything like rings, injectors, exhaust, cams, even a turbo would be great. Standing ignition systems. Fuels rails, flywheels, gears, transmissions and anything else are a total plus.

Keep in mind i live in the USA so sometimes shipping parts are a total pain.

And i do definitely plan on doing a FULL badge conversion over to a euro make, Opel seems to be the easiest but if Vaux is possible ill look into that as well. Cheers.