Hi guys,

I wonder if you can help me as I am new to head unit installations.

I have a Mk5 Astra and I am trying to fit an Alpine CDE-113BT to replace my old CD30.

Now, I have fitted it in a 'functioning manner', but the facia has been pushed out at the top by the head unit.

I have tried my best to push in the metal flaps in the outside cage, but it doesn't seem to be enought to hold back the head unit and the facia.

The facia doesn't seem to clip in very firmly, is there a way to make it more stable?

Also, the Alpine unit came with a strange looking plastic clip with a nodule on top, four screws and a small piece of double sided adhesive pad. Should I be using any of these? I'm guessing they are for other cars?

I'm guessing the screws are for securing the outer cage, but I can't see or feel anything they could screw into.

Appreciate your help...