Saw lots of threads about people's zafira A armrest attached to the seat had come loose and how to fix.

Only problem is that mine is broken but in a different way.

The nuts holding the armrest to the seat was not loose but the armrest was still loose.

Took the complete assy apart and found that inside the seat the part responsible for the click-lock system is like this. :

AND that the whole armrest is only held on by 4 plastic clips at the marked locations. 3 of the 4 had broken and inside the part there were also a few small metal things that had broken off.

Is this a part that can be had.....Looked at ebay but found none.

There is a number stamped on the bracket :

LH09153629 51

Is this the order number ?

Does anyone know how much hard earned gold vauxhall could bring themselves to ask for such a small piece of kit