Hi all, real name is chris from worksop in nottinghamshire, after being a member of the original astra sport i though i might as well put my car up in here.

I have owned the astra for something short of 87 years now. I have never been a person for modding cars or putting enhancements to gain power but just recently that has all gone down the drain and have got a list the length of my arm posted in my garages kind of a check list.

here is how she was bout all those 7 years ago;


After Simple Modifications the engine had a slight dressing;


Next come the new headlights which just set the car off just right;


after a small holiday abroad i got back to see that my shares had been sold from my old job some went of debts but the exhaust had to come next 2.5 full s/s system with 200 cell sports cat and oval tail pipe;


Next to be added where some new shoes nice set of kei RSS 18";


Bit of a clean and of to clumber park for a shot or 2 of her;


After a few problems blow out on a tyre the kei's went bye bye and ended up getting some old BBS RL's that where featured on the limited edition 100's and have done quite well for the test of time.

There was something quite missing from the front end to give it the "LOOK" i was After so Thanks To LMF i got a nice new GSI Front And that finished the look of perfetly


After the snow i thought things couldn't go any more pear shapped i was completly wrong - with a wizz whopp bang clatter and a Phart the engine was bye bye;


New engine got fitted and while i was tinkering around i decided to fit the VXR turbo, Brother wasnt happy as his laptop died as i admired the new turbo;


Unfortunatly due to things recently drying up all moddification had dried up untill i got the new job and now things are slowly being peiced together so watch this space for more updates cheesy: