Hi all,
I've bought a mk4 astra 1.4 16v with a blown up engine to fix up into a nice little car for the missus.
I then bought a 1.6 16v engine supposedly from a 98 astra because it came up cheap and i thought these engines were near identical apart from the capacity- so hoped it would be a simple enpough conversion.

If only it was that easy! with both engines side by side there's loads of differences:

The 1.4 has the ecu bolted on to the engine, the 1.6 looks like it goes somewhere inside the car
The 1.4 has an engine mount coming out of the cam cover, not on the 1.6
The coilpacks are different, so are the rocker covers, inlet manifolds etc etc etc!

It looks like if i fit the 1.4 cam cover (with a cut out for the engine mount) on to the 1.6 then i can fit the engine mount - although the holes are drilled in the block they are M8 not M10.

If i fit the engine like this i think im going to have probs connecting up the wiring- and i'll have to make a hole in the firewall to run the loom through and fit the ecu inside.
Would it be possible to fit the 1.4 head to the 1.6 block so i can use all the original loom and ecu? would it run ok like this?
Has anybody encountered these probs before?
any help much appreciated!