Firstly as you might of guessed...I'm new!! So hello to everyone!

Just bought my 2001 Astra coupe turbo today and well, I see why people want these cars! Had to change my pants after the drive home.

Anyway, the only niggle i have with the car is theres a bit of turbo lag. When I put my foot down it takes a second or 2 for the turbo to kick in which can be a bit strange at times when I don't want to go all the way to 100mph 'cos most times i just accelerate to overtake a car or pull out off a round about or something. So as i accelerate theres nothing then when its just about to take off I don't need to accelerate anymore so theres a bit of a weird judder where the turbo wants to kick in but I ain't got my foot on the pedal anymore....

I know its no big deal the car still goes like an absolute rocket but I was just abit curious is there any way of knowing whats causing it with relative ease? Or is it the usual 'could be one of a thousand things' that cars tend to have.



Just been talking to someone in work and done some research and it seems the turbo lag is a hugely common thing regardless of the car. Just baffled me a bit because I hear so many people saying the coupe turbo's don't seem to suffer any lag what-so-ever. Seemed strange how the car seems to hesitate before the turbo glues me to my seat.