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Thread: Laptop processor query for the geeks among us...

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    Laptop processor query for the geeks among us...

    Ok, little bit techy this one. My old laptop went pop the other day (more accurately the screen did) so I've got a new Toshiba one thanks to a loan from the Bank of Mum & Dad

    The old one (a Fujitsu Li2727) had a dual core Celeron T1400 running at 1.7Ghz. The Toshiba has a single core Celeron 900 2.2ghz in it. Now considering I've already liberated the CPU from the Fujitsu (so no money involved), I'm pondering swapping out the Celly 900 as I'm not convinced it's as good as the T1400. They are both socket 478, so it should be a straight swap. However, the Toshiba is built like a tank and I'll have to near enough strip it down to it's mobo to swap out the CPU as there is no access hatch

    So... is it worth the effort swapping them? Will the difference in performance be worth it?
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    I would keep the new celeron 900 as its higher clock, double the Cache and double the FSB. and its built on the 45nm process not the 65nm process as per the DC cpu in the old lappy.

    both support 64bit.

    also the 900 consume less power so will give you better battery life


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    From day yo day usage you will honestly not notice the difference with these 2 CPUs, a second or 2 at most and that's if your counting how long things take to load.

    I would personally keep what you got at the moment and keep the old CPU as a backup just incase.

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