Hi, I am new to the forum but I have recently bought a 56 plate Sxi with exterior pack fitted. However i just have the standard Sxi alloys on the car and think they look too small. I have searched on ebay and various other sites and wondered if anybody knows anywhere to get cheap alloys or has any they are willing to sell.

I am looking for 18" bk999 (standard silver colour), 18" bk999 (i think) in the gunmetal with a machine polished face colour or 18" pro race alloys.

I found a set of the gunmetal xvr replicas for £450 but they were all the way up in Leeds (about 3 hours from me). This is the sort of money i would like to spend with tyres and anybody help would be much appreciated.

I am near Worcester, West Midlands and would be willing to travel a reasonable distance.