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Thread: Some advice needed please

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    Some advice needed please

    Three weeks ago come this friday my old vecky was written off by a drunk driver, some members might recall,
    I informed my insurance company about the incident, and also gave details of the other parties,
    I had tried several times to contact my insurance claims dept, with the reply that they would get back to me,(which to this day they haven't)
    The only comm was by me,
    Well two days ago the other parties insurance people got in touch and by a verbal agreement i accepted an offer of cash PLUS MY CAR BACK, and very obligingly offered the cost of the transportation from the garage it was stored from back to me,
    So i phoned that garage who informed me that the car had been tacken for salvage and that normally my insurance company would have told me the situation and updates etc, and that the reason behind the car going was to reduce storage fees, and that they were only doing what they were told.
    I was outraged, as you might imagine,
    I contacted my ins, and told them as much,
    They said we had sent a first class letter out on the 6th about 11 days ago, offering me a settlement etc,
    I recieved that letter this morning, no date stamp on it, but the letter was dated the 6th as said,
    It contained an offer, which i had 21 days to reply to, no mention of the car other than it was written off,(i am still within that 21 days)and obviously had not responded to it,
    But realy is beside the point now because i had accepted an offer from the other parties ins, But that included the return of the car, which went to the salvage yard on the 10th.
    Can anyone please tell me if there is anything i can do?
    I feel now lost out on the deal
    Due to lack of comm and the delay of this letter, wether by RM or they had just posted it in the last few days

    Any comments are welcome
    Regards Paula
    The obvious

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    wrong forum..... theres a few insurance guys offering help in , yep you guessed, the insurance forum

    look in there and ask them

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    The car will be in the salvage yard holding compound but will not be broken till they get the ok from insurance company
    Tell them you want the car back
    yard's have a storage part also as 90% of people dont want the car back
    this way the insurance company do not get storage bill from the garage
    they let the yard have the car as full payment or it goes off to HBC ect ect to get sold off
    my friends dad has had a salvage yard for years he dose insurance cars for tesco

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