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Thread: Insurance = Con Artists

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    Insurance = Con Artists

    Im sorry but why is it all insurance companies are out to screw you over, or thats the way it feels.

    I have recently received my renewal from Performance Direct which was a reasonable £325 even though it had increased from last year for no reason.

    Im making a couple of subtle OEM mods to my car so thought id be honest and tell them about them. The subtle changes are:

    1. Astra Club Optional Extra Alloys
    2. Astra CDX 5 Door Leather interior.

    Now they have decided its seems to add and extra £150 onto the price. I have also range Adrian Flux as recommended on here and they want £520. The best quote I have is around £320 from Elephant but they want me to pay up front or will charge me about 177% APR (for no reason) to pay monthly!! which makes it more than the more expensive quotes.

    Ive been driving 10 years and have 10 years no claims, my car is still an 8v Club so why the rip off? If your going to rip me off at least let me pay monthly without ripping me off some more!!

    To be honest I can understand why people drive uninsured with these con artists out there and I can understand why people dont bother declaring stuff. My car is only worth £2000 tops so whats the point in paying £500 a year insurance, after 4 years I could by a new car!

    Im now waiting for Swinton and A Plan to quote me a they seem to reckon they can make it cheaper.....I dont hold much hope.

    Anyone know any decent insurance companies.....if any exist??

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    have had policies with churchill and AXA and both allowed mods at no extra cost, provided it didn't affect performance - i.e. put up the power.

    that said, I wouldn't recommend AXA (or swift cover or any of their other subsidiaries) as their customer services is quite frankly a shower of shit, and god help you if you have to make a claim like I did.
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