Hi, I've recently become the victim of an alternator failure after just 24k (from new) on an 2006 plate 1.9 cdti 150. Last time I checked they should last longer than that...

My warranty ended in August last year and was wondering if anyone else here has had a similar experience and what they had to fork out to get it replaced?!

My local mechanic uses genuine parts and said that after contacting the parts department at Vauxhall its a common problem, and that they alone have sold 14 in the last 2 months! The part is £230 + vat

I've booked my car into my local Vauxhall garage and have asked if there is any way that I could complain (although out of warranty) to Vauxhall about the problem, and perhaps get a contribution from them towards it. The garage said that they have had cases of customers complaining and have had results, but of course there are no guaranties. My only reason for taking it to them is to see if they will cough up some!

The question is, am I wasting my time here? Will they just say that this is a mass produced part and faults are inevitable...?

They want £53 odd just to inspect it, even though the fault is very apparent! And then what ever they will charge to fix it, hopefully getting a contribution from Vauxhall?

Or do I cut my losses and just get my local mechanic to fix it for a fixed price?


Thanks in advance.