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Thread: 1.9CDti 150 Injector Quantity Deviation

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    1.9CDti 150 Injector Quantity Deviation

    I have a 2006 astra 1.9cdti 150 sri with 56,000miles on it and got myself an opcom to check and reset a ecn code for the throttle actuator valve - thats a whole different story

    Anyways while playing with all the opcom options I came across injector quantity deviation...

    Battery 13.5 @ 849rpm

    cylinder 1 was 0.27
    cylinder 2 was 1.58
    cylinder 3 was -1.35
    cylinder 4 was -0.50
    cylinder 5 was...only kidding

    I have hunted high and low on t'internet for acceptable ranges, anyone know what they are and is the ones I have good or bad?

    reason why i ask is the car is a bit sluggish and know the throttle body/actuator valve is an issue and want to make sure when i replace it i wont get any more agro, altho i cleaned the sludge off it the other month and put a new egr with a modded gasket plate (10mm hole) in which cured the no power below 2500rpm issue.

    anyways any advice greatly appreciated.

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    my readings are as follows:

    cylinder 1 = -0.15
    cylinder 2 = -0.03
    cylinder 3 = 0.03
    cylinder 4 = 0.17

    i had an intermittent problem with throttle actuator malfunction dtc code 1125 cleaned out the throttle body it was contaminated with oil,cleaned it out and resolderd dry joints on the servo pcb connecter and it cleared the fault.

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