Hi to all,

I am rookie as far as car building is concern & please don't be misled that I am swaping the engine.

The good news so far is I managed to get a working engine (X18XE1 type) for my car. He/She are a family oriented people are selling to me this engine which had done a low mileage for 150. I thank them for their kindness as God only knows how hard I am trying to get my life back on tracks after a heart attack & stroke.

Now, I need experts opinion. I am quoted 200~250(depending on the number of the new parts that needs to be fitted during the swap.

For example, I was told to change the cambelt & the pump(inside the catchment), gaskets, belts, tensioners etc.

Can any mechanic or professional ellaborate the parts needed for an engine displacement?

Tell how you do this job if you were the person doing it?

I know each of you all have different opinions as part of your signature work....
Noting this in place, can anybody just tell me the basics so I can get involve in this project, should my mechanic miss something.
I am just taking this project as a learning curve & not there to question or abuse my authority as a customer. I like to be a friend to my mechanic & fully trust his work, expertise & surely reward him what he deserves for such professional work.

OK please share your views on the above project.