Title says it all really was driving down the dual carriage-way on Sunday and all the electrics cut off. Turned the ignition off and back on but still nothing so I dropped it down a gear to slow me down and it came back to life everything was fine except my petrol dial was abit lower than before so I pulled in the petrol station which was luckily around the corner, turned off the ignition and turned it back on. The Petrol needle went back to where it was previously and all the electrics were fine again. Tried to start the car but it didn't want to, there wasn't even the noise of it trying to turn over. I lifted the bonnet and smoke poured out and there was a strong smell of burning plastic and wires. So I rang the breakdown company.

After an hour and a half of waiting a tow truck was in sight. The mechanic got out checked everything and apparently it's either the starter motor or relay that's gone so now I have to spend the whole weekend trying to get the thing running again. Are these easy to change or is it best to get a garage to have a go?