Seeing as PB is a better site that Imageshack IMO I thought i'd write a short guide on how to use. Often come across posts where people haven't managed to post the images correctly, or don't even know how to get them on to photobucket. Hopefully this guide will help out

First off head over to This will load the page below, and click 'join now'

Choose a username and password you will remember and click 'next step'

Fill in a couple of personal questions + the anti-bot code and click 'sign me up'

This will then take you to the home screen. From here you can upload your photo.

After clicking upload you will be able to explore your PC to choose the photo(s) you wish to upload. Either a single photo, or hold down CTRL to select multiply images. Then press 'Open'

You image will then upload and you will be taken to this screen. From here you can give the image a name + description, or just leave it blank. Then hit 'save'

Now the important bit. You need to copy the IMG code. Click the text so it highlights blue as per the picture, this will automatically copy the text for you. Then come onto AOC and paste it into your thread

If done correctly you should have text on AOC that looks a little like this in your message box [IMG][/IMG]

Then when posted on to the forum it will display the image for you

Hope this helps some of you out.