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Thread: Trip Computer Activation Help

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    Arrow Trip Computer Activation Help

    Hi, before I start I have read plenty of other threads regarding similar cases but just want to make sure.

    I have just bought a cd30 mp3 (9 button) from an 08 corsa vxr, its my mates and hes going to get the cd player divorced from the screen next week. Ive also got the radio code for both his car and my car. My cars an 06 astra sxi hatch 1.6. I've just bought a 3 line display on ebay from a 2005 astra, which has been divorced from its original cd player also.

    What will I need to do in order to get the new cd30 mp3 and 3 line display married and have the trip computer activated? I'm hoping its just a trip to someone with Tech2 with a list of new input codes? And by any chance will I have to get the original cd player/2 line display divorced in my car even though im removing both anyway? Any help appreciated.
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    If your just removing the old stereo and display but plan on putting them back in your car when you sell it they won't need divorcing from your car. The new stuff will just need pairing up with tech 2
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