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    I've been on a bit of a money saving drive (no pun intended)

    Partially because I seem to be spending a load of money, also i've about 1mm left on my front pads, until tomorrow, so don't want to go stamping on the brakes all the time.

    I've driven 200 miles at around 60mph and have managed 60mpg in the 1.9 8v cdti and used about 2.7 gallons.

    The board computer says that there's 480 miles left in the tank...

    something tells me it might be lying to me!!

    that'd be nearly 700 miles out of 50 litres of fuel!!
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    Yep thats about right if you drive as you say. In fact if you really dive carefully (50mph tops) almost 800 is possible an older chap does it at work on a regular basis in his 1.7DTI. It's all about the right foot.

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