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Thread: Engine Juddering

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    Exclamation Engine Juddering

    Recently drove to Newquay and back from Kent and my car has now developed some sort of problem with the engine. Its an Astra MK4 1.4 16v.

    When i first got the car 4 years ago, it had a similar problem which after paying Vauxhall to diagnose as a faulty lambda sensor and then replace, i looked on here and found it to be the EGR valve, which i got off eBay for £60 and resolved all juddering.

    The problem i've got now is that when at low revs the engine judders quite violently whether it is accelerating or decelerating and in traffic i have to dip the clutch (which stops the judder) and then apply full throttle when traffic starts moving to ensure that it doesn't judder any more.

    Also, on the way back from Newquay the car used £10-15 more in petrol than on the way there despite driving in the same manner and using the same route. Also found that when driving up hills there, i was having to drop to second gear, and sometime even first, so that the car could make it.

    Any ideas what this could be? Fuel pump? Engine management light is on but cant get it looked at till next week. Cheers

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    I had this..but only in the midrange gears

    i fired some new plugs in the bugger and it was fine!

    Just pray its not your coil pack...easily £100+ as far as i know

    good luck dude!

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    EGR valve again most likely...what brand did you buy from eBay?

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