here goes

i got head unit that has the block connector connected to the cars connection block for the power, speakers, remote,etc.

i got the front door speakers wired via the block but removed back door speakers although havent removed speaker cable just taped ends up

so far straight forward.

now i got 1 set of rca's (ie a thick blue lead consisting of a + and - connection at each end although markings have rubbed off) pluggled into the only set of red and white rca outputs on rear of the unit.

i want to connect to a 1200w boschmann 4/3/2 ch mosfet amp to run my 6x9's and sub.

im unsure which line in the rca's go in and how to set it so that ch 1 & 2 run 6x9s on h.p.f and ch 3 and 4 run the sub on l.p.f

i got 6x9's wired to speaker connections in correct place and also the sub connected with the + connected to + on ch 3 and - connected to - on ch 4

just unsure which line in, which line out, to connect rca from head unit.

i originally had 2 y connectors splitting rca's into 4 and had 1 set in line 1 and the other in line 3...but didnt sound right.

if this does actually make sense to someone id love for them to point me in right direction